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[Fix][EasyEngine] Downloading WordPress [Fail] Oops Something went wrong !!

If you are the EasyEngine user, and facing Downloading WordPress [Fail] Error on creating a new¬†website, then here is the reasoning and quick fix to solve the issue. Here is the blog post on the official EasyEngine blog about how to fix it and the causes for same. While official post recommends using the nightly […]

WordCamp Bhopal – WWWP5k And ViaLux

This Weekend had many things happening around. WordCamp Bhopal and ViaLux Anomaly in Mumbai were on the same day 24th Sept 2016. I was supporting offline to my team in my Second Ingress Anomaly. The result is here Mumbai is Blue. For detail, here’s the Mumbai scorecard. WordCamp Bhopal was my first WordCamp in Central […]

Recovering MySQL or MariaDB from .frm File

This happened to me today, I found old project codes without SQL dump. Just want to check if project is still reusable. Following are the two ways you can recover database schema from FRM file. Using mysqlfrm utility by oracle This is pretty handy command line utility from MySQL Team. Check out the official Documentation. […]