Life is Moving Ahead

Trying my best to attain my goals, home in pune is no more my dream, it came to reality. Finally. yes finally deal is done. Almost all legal formalities are about to finish by this weekend. Soon will be having all religious activities there. may be a 1 more month I’ll be busy in Nagpur – Pune Journeys.

“Perform your obligatory duty, because action is indeed better than inaction.”
– Srimad Bhagavad Geeta

All rest task are still in pipeline.

Events around me :

CakePHP workshop @ Nagpur PHP meet up
CakePHP – one of widely used PHP framework over the web. Abbas sir had a great workshop this month. Read more at blog entry by Abbas sir.

Time Please Club
“Time please” usually used while playing childhood games, Everybody used it some time, just due to responsibility or our laziness we had no time for child inside of ours. Time Please Club is made to dedicate a time for that child. Creative initiative by Subodh Dada. Till now our Club is open by invitation, so any Sunday morning you can join us. just Contact founder members for an Invite. we do have Special Page for Time Please Club on Subodh Dada’s Website.

Discover Yourself Workshop by Ilabs, Nagpur
Creating your own robot is not easy but with proper guidance its great to achieve. Ilabs is having workshops on Robotic systems for engineering students. No Idea about Pass outs like me for sure this will be a great team work, who ever participate. Get more info from Ilabs Website

Even after viewing above video about Sixth Sense technology by Pranav Mistry, I wish I’d not bunked my Embedded System classes.

Happy Seasons.


6 responses to “Life is Moving Ahead”

  1. Nice post , for the first half i want to say ur desire is less than u deserve !! so always want to god give me what i deserve.

    other events are going on … !!

    keep posting regularly.

  2. You mean ‘thank God’ ?? That’s nice of ya!

    Nice post.. hope to see frequent ramblings ๐Ÿ™‚ *likes to read personal stories/point of view*

  3. Wishing all success friend.

  4. Hi Abhishek

    Nice to know about your success , very inspiring.
    Good wishes to your success.


  5. Thanks Khalid,

    its being 8 months after this ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Great that in 8 months you got what you were looking after, few spend years on it without being succeed.

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