About Me

Hi! I’m the person who started Peenak Solutions here in Nagpur. We do cool stuff on the internet like making websites that look good and helping people and businesses get noticed online. I’ve been doing this for 17 years!

I like using WordPress, which is a way to build websites. I do many stuff with the WordPress group in Nagpur, like helping organise meetups and teaching people how to make better websites. But I also work on making websites easy to find on Google, putting cool stuff on social media and ensuring people know about our projects.

I know how to use many tools for building websites, like coding and online tools, to make our projects good. I learnt a lot by trying things out and solving problems as they come up.

But I only work on computers sometimes. I also teach yoga, which is about doing exercises that help you relax and feel good. It is important to me to have a good balance between working on the internet and taking time to relax.

So, this place is where I share what I’ve learnt and the fun things I’ve done. It is not just about showing off; it’s about sharing stories, solving problems and having fun.

If you’re interested in making websites, want to know how to get noticed online or want to hear about my adventures, you’re in the right place. Let’s explore the digital world together and have some fun!