Using Craiglist for Promotions

This week I’m free to write on promotions, Orkut promote is quite a good feature, I’m still testing, my test campaign has got around 200+ views within 4 days. will update here the test result soon. Orkut promotion is new strategy for promotions but you should never neglect the Basic promotional strategies – Classifieds are always easy, effective and mostly free. Lots classified site around web, plan for your goal for best classified – Craigslist (More than 6 Billions Page view per month)

Craigslist is a centralized network of online communities, featuring free online classified advertisements – with sections devoted to jobs, housing, personals, for sale, services, community, gigs, résumés, and discussion forums.

As definition suggest there’s nothing that can’t be promoted over Craigslist. With the great help to get started, you can earn more n more.

Some tips to Promote your Sell :
1. Craigslist is completely categorized and its users are addicted to categorization, So don’t ever put your ad in wrong category. Accurate category will generate more business.

2. Many peoples feels ads need to be simple, but in classified world you need some catchy stuff. your title need too fundu to grab readers attention. I would suggest prefer some local newspaper – they can give you some basic idea what exactly fundu means for your Biz

3. Use complete characters provided : Its just like catching users attention to the longest Placement. there are few chances where your competitor won’t use 100% character.

4. Title needs to be fundu but not description. Once you have grabbed users attention, its all your description that helps to promote, don’t forget to mention following :

  • What are you selling
  • Why are you selling
  • What is the condition of the product
  • Products specs

5. End up with Contact info. Remember to avoid getting spams.

6. Avoid Bad English, too much exclamation and caped letters.

I hope you will share your experience about these tips.
Sources : Wikipedia , Craigslist Handbook


13 responses to “Using Craiglist for Promotions”

  1. Apart from this, which one will be good for ads. i like to earn some money

  2. Never heard of such service, but its sounds interesting, is craiglist free of cost like Orkut promotions?

  3. Dropped you a list by mail !!

  4. Most of the features are free but some Posting needs paid account !!

  5. Hi Abhisek,
    Thanks for the sharing of great information and use of craiglist for free promotions.

  6. Good tips! Actually I am a Newbie to CraigList and I hope your advice here helps me!

  7. I’m new to Craiglist.. let me try it ! Thanks for sharing ! ^_^

  8. Thanks for the info on craiglist. About the orkut promotions, one thing I dont like is that sometimes the promotions are shown on the author’s profile as well!!!

    Btw… nice blog you have here. Would you be interested in exchanging links with me?

  9. Its my pleasure mate !!

  10. For sure mate !!
    Let me know your experiences !!

  11. you are welcome !

  12. thanks for dropping by Abhishek!!!

    dropped you a mail thanks !!

  13. Looking for online promotion i have already started promotion through orkut promote could u list me out wher i can promote my website

    thanks and regards

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