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This is a regular story: You search for some stuff over Mininova or any other torrents search engine. You find a torrent and add it to your torrent client because it was having a good number of seeders as shown on search. But to your dismay(and disbelief) you hardly get a single seeder.

It is possible that you were searching for pretty ancient stuff(which nobody cares for anymore) or the search result had some paid inclusions.

In such a case, You need a trusted and genuine torrent search Engine.

I would like to suggest – Verified Torrents, a nice search Engine with genuine results to use.

Search torrent free VerTor support search plug-ins for IE7, Firefox, Opera and most major browsers.

Vertor - Search Plugin

Click on Image for Clear View.

Enjoy the Torrents Downloads, If you are in the office try out Bitlet to download torrents from browser only.


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  1. Nice torrent site, Thanks for share.
    I always use torrents to download stuff for my entertainment 😉

  2. Hi dude
    HAPPY DIWALI to you

  3. you are welcome bro !!

  4. Thanks !! happy diwali to you too.

  5. Nice torrent site will definitely try it out. Wish you happy Diwali as well. Thanks for sharing the info buddy.

  6. happy diwali !!
    Its worth a try !!

  7. good torrent..i am only use and

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