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This is a regular story: You search for some stuff over Mininova or any other torrents search engine. You find a torrent and add it to your torrent client because it was having a good number of seeders as shown on search. But to your dismay(and disbelief) you hardly get a single seeder.

It is possible that you were searching for pretty ancient stuff(which nobody cares for anymore) or the search result had some paid inclusions.

In such a case, You need a trusted and genuine torrent search Engine.

I would like to suggest – Verified Torrents, a nice search Engine with genuine results to use.

Search torrent free VerTor support search plug-ins for IE7, Firefox, Opera and most major browsers.

Vertor - Search Plugin

Click on Image for Clear View.

Enjoy the Torrents Downloads, If you are in the office try out Bitlet to download torrents from browser only.

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