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  • My Must have add-ons list for Browsers

    Wish you all a very Prosperous Happy New Year, There are a couple of resolutions on My plate for this year. More writing is one of them. Every new day starts with Browser, So starting this year first blog post regarding Browsers. Its often asked what’s your favourite browser. I prefer to use Chrome and…

  • Backtweets – Reverse Link Search on Twitter

    Backtweets – Lets you search your link on twitter, helping you to find who else is helping directly / indirectly promoting your blog. Get connected to your Blog readers. Lovely tool for reverse look-up. You can also try out Backtweets – Firefox Search Addon for ease of use !!

  • VERTOR – Verified Torrents

    This is a regular story: You search for some stuff over Mininova or any other torrents search engine. You find a torrent and add it to your torrent client because it was having a good number of seeders as shown on search. But to your dismay(and disbelief) you hardly get a single seeder. It is…

  • Google Chrome : NEW OPEN SOURCE browser

    At last Google entered the Open source market, its Beta Launch today yet to launch. Google Chrome is Google’s open source browser with little components from Apple’s WebKit and Mozilla’s Firefox. this browser will also include JavaScript Virtual Machine called V8 to gear up the performance . The browser has an address bar with auto-completion…

  • IE7.com

    IE7 short form of Internet Explorer 7 ( An browser from Microsoft ), Just check out IE7.com You will surely get surprised. from the  screen. I think no one expect such things from Microsoft and Mozilla.