Download Torrent without Torrent Client in your System

Does it look strange ?? not at all. there are web based torrent clients. what all you need ??

  • High speed Connectivity
  • Good Browser – I recommend Firefox 2+
  • JRE – Java Runtime Environment

Bitlet is one Web based Torrent clients, works simply great. all you need is to Torrent files location from your favourite torrent search engine. Put that location into Bitlets Text feild. and save the Downloading file. Last not least you can resume your downloads later by simply downloading same file at same location.

Works Great in my office what about you?? are you still hiding your Torrent client in school/College / Office ??


3 responses to “Download Torrent without Torrent Client in your System”

  1. This is a damn good info because I can’t use torrent in my office and also not at home while using office laptop at home. Webbased would make sure that no proxy issue ๐Ÿ˜† but has the potential trouble of the company blocking this site.

    And need to check the performance ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. ehm. its good. but i’m no longer love use torrent anymore.

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