Finally Bought New Hand-Set Nokia N82

After Cruel end of my Nokia 3230 , I planned for Iphone few months back, but poor strategy of Iphone in Indian Market made it to loose the market. very high price(31k Rs or $750 ) of Iphone and poor features diverted my mind back to other. I was using Motorola C140,this Basic level handset made me away from Moto Brand, its  Hardware was so cheap, hardly a talk of 15 minute is enough to give you headache. Now I can yell “Don’t use Moto” I have a nokia N82 :P.

Sony Ericsson was other better option, but the poor service of Sony Ericsson in Nagpur (as seen in Paras’s K550i ) Service peoples are the worst ever seen. Rest brands like HTC , O2, Blackberry well hardly seen a support centre. and cost according to features is pretty heavy.

Last Comes to Nokia (Back to the Same Nokia) Competition was still there between N95 and N82. Xenon Flash of N82 impressed me a lot. heres goes then snap of my Handset :

Images are really of poor quality since taken from my Web Cam

Finally a 5 mega Pixel Cam, Wi-fi, N-gage Game support, Dual Speaker, Cool Flash, Not Least an Symbian OS this is surely gonna take me back to learn python.  So its pretty assumed that my blog is gonna blow up with python and new symbian Tips and Tricks soon.


9 responses to “Finally Bought New Hand-Set Nokia N82”

  1. Cool man… so what was the ‘on road’ price? 🙂
    I have been thinking of a smart phone all these while, but somehow I am on the opinion that unless 3G networks are established well in India, there’s not much point.

    And I am not a phone buff so… Still using a Nokia E51.

    I love Nokias for their excellent simple but accessible features, buttons etc.


  2. it cost 19,500 to me, E51 is pretty cool set. Yes we have to wait for 3G service Till then use handset as gaming device !!

  3. The iPhone price here in the Philippines ranges from $800-$900. I’d rather stick with my Nokia 5300.

    Congratulatins on your new phone

  4. N82 is NGAGE Device dude, and at last Nokia is Nokia.
    With N82 Nokia is relaunching NGAGE age.

    So party kab hai ??? 🙂

  5. Great man !!
    I know that u purchased this mobile by your own …
    I should say that mobile worth you 😛

    5MP …….is awesome * 100000 🙂 what a clarity and digital image you will be getting I just can wonder 🙂

    And I agree what u said about SC of SE in Nagpur ….
    It sucks ..(I had experienced it before ) ..

    But dude u got a macho machine in your hand …
    So handle with care and give me that mobile for few days 🙂

  6. Congratulations on your new cellphone Abi!

    I’m still using my old SE K500i phone, but I hope to buy next year.

  7. Congratulations Abhi,
    Waiting for upcoming Symbian and Python tricks on your blog.

  8. wow. you manage to bought it. Congratulation!

  9. DIPANKAR Mondal Avatar
    DIPANKAR Mondal

    I want to buy can you help me please

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