My Must have add-ons list for Browsers

Wish you all a very Prosperous Happy New Year,

There are a couple of resolutions on My plate for this year. More writing is one of them. Every new day starts with Browser, So starting this year first blog post regarding Browsers.

Its often asked what’s your favourite browser. I prefer to use Chrome and Firefox simultaneously. Firefox for mailing and development purpose. And Chrome for social and surfing purpose. Its nothing like chrome is bad for development, just that I started development with Firefox before chrome was born. Thus Development still goes on with Firefox.

So here is the List of Browser Add-ons / Extension for our favourite Browsers.

#1 – LastPass
Password manager that makes your life easier for generating, storing, sharing a password. For mobile, you might need a premium account. Rest is free for desktop apps.

#2 – uBlock Origin
An Open Source Adblocker to give you better surfing experience. Neutrality and Transparency are always important, with uBlock Origin, everything is transparent on Github.

#3 – Grammarly
I remember the comment from some distant relative of Mine in 2008, to improve grammatical mistakes. Grammarly is Addon that helps me now.

I can’t imagine a browser without above three add-ons. What are your must-have add-ons for a browser? do share in comments or tweet me @fitehal


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