Nagpur is turning to be happening place!

Nagpur seems to be happening place to me!

Yes, it’s true if you are Nagpurkar who left the city for work, you remember the city as senior citizen paradise. Nothing “happening” thing happens here.

Weekends in winter that I remember usually start with Cricket at Tilak Nagar ground or a Morning walk in VRCE, followed by discussions at Dharampeth Coffeehouse (miss this place) / Gokul Vrindavan. Daytime is spent with family or watching some movie or TV Series or some long drive with friends towards the forest or waterside nearby. Evenings mostly ends at Saoji places or trying some different type of food. Combination of some of above activities and it’s pretty much same every time. Whereas in Pune (My Second home), there’s a lot to learn on weekends and many places to discover.

Past few days were held up with heavy travel plans, travelled around 10 cities in past 40 days. The experience was amazing. I’ll keep this post about Nagpur, not about my travel experience, will publish another post about WordCamp Nashik, WordCamp Ahmedabad & CloudBazaar.

Returned to the city last weekend, and I’m surprised to see so many activities going in the city. There was CKP Food Festival on last weekend, it was the heavenly place for foodies, around 52 types of CKP delicacies.

Nagpur Techies Meetup – Kickstarting Your Agile Journey

Finally, after a decade I met the Duo Sameer and Meghana. Their journey is pretty amazing. They conducted a half-day workshop about Agile methodology. Explaining how Agile software development method can be used to improve the performance of individuals and teams. Right from the roots of Agile Manifesto to Scrum and Kanbans in current scenarios of attending techies. A lot more to learn from them, looking forward to Techies hangout session.


It was well spent Thursday afternoon, YES Thursday afternoon that too with 20+ Techies, Not bad for the change.
That’s not all, weekend has lot more to offer

Global Nagpur Summit 2017 – 17th & 18th Nov
GNS 2017 is a citizen-driven initiative with active support from the City & State Administration, Mayor’s office, political leaders, Business fraternity, Professionals & Non-residential Nagpurkars. Conference for the growth of the city by the people of the city.

All India Yog Sammelan – 17,18 & 19th Nov 
National level Yog conference Hosted this year at Nagpur By JSYog. it’s a must-attend conference for yoga practitioners, takes you from various aspects of Yog & lifestyle.

AOMSI 2017 – 15,16,17 and 18th Nov
Annual Congress of AOMSI – Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons of India. Its been 3 years working in Clinical Trials domain, the amount of knowledge shared at this conference is unmeasurable. Around 190+ Paper Presentations, 100+ Speakers. This is altogether new level of a conference I’m witnessing, glad this year it is hosted in Nagpur.

Too many conferences for learning, there are some fun events too.

Third MotoJoJo Gathering on 18th Evening
Motojojo gatherings are the best place to spend the evening fill up with Nostalgia of the road & connect with people who love travelling just as much as you. With the Lovely singer-songwriters/musicians who’ll share songs, you’ve never heard before. Along with some super awesome story-tellers & spoken word poets and all of this wrapped in a sense of freedom and love.

Hackerspace Nagpur’s First Meetup – 18th Afternoon
Yes! hackerspaces in Nagpur 😉 Good to hear that right?
Nikhil with his 3-year-old Daughter who goes wow! at the sight of mechanical toys, In this first meetup plans to take us from setting basic Arduino / AVR toolchain on Mac / Linux machines and go ahead with controlling a servo or a stepper motor.

That’s not all, I heard about some overnight hackathon in planning. its good to hear, specifically in the city which sleeps at 11 PM.

Too much for a single week, I’ll prefer to spend the Sunday resting at home and trying new food joints like The Waffle Boss Co.

Life in Nagpur is changing. Nagpur is turning to be happening place at least for me!


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