[Fix][EasyEngine] Downloading WordPress [Fail] Oops Something went wrong !!

If you are the EasyEngine user, and facing Downloading WordPress [Fail] Error on creating a new website, then here is the reasoning and quick fix to solve the issue.

Here is the blog post on the official EasyEngine blog about how to fix it and the causes for same.

While official post recommends using the nightly build of WP CLI, I prefer avoiding Nightly release. Just remove nightly arg from mentioned command, it will be like following

sudo wp –allow-root cli update

It will update WP CLI to the stable one. The default version of WP CLI in EasyEngine I was using was 0.24.1, on the update, now it is version 1.4.0.

Hope EE4.0 upcoming major release will be using latest binaries of dependencies.

Till then Happy WordPressing 🙂




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