Orkut Promote – To promote Google Ads

Orkut still being in Top in Indian (internet) social Networking market. Social media marketers using Orkut widely for domestic products promotion. Months back Orkut introduce a promote feature. Official release post on blog had a great video guide (can be seen below).

This is a good feature very much similar to twitter or facebook time-line, but the chances of promotional campaign visibility are more as compared to any other. Although its really a good effort of Architectural team to promote the Google Ads Banner location. After all Promotion box is replaced with Google ads after some views to promotions. Hats off to Strategy Peoples !!

Orkut Promotion - to promote google ads

This is surely going to create a new services(sorry I’m a DP addict) like

We will promote your campaign to Indian Traffic via Orkut Promote Feature. Promotion Packages only $10

LOL!!  anyway I’ll try to increase my posting frequency. not like past six months. You can get updated with me via Twitter @deshabhishek007


8 responses to “Orkut Promote – To promote Google Ads”

  1. vaibhav Avatar

    nice strategy by google. really its very nice video.

  2. I’ve heard about this Orkut thing a few months back, but I’m not quite sure what it was all about. So it’s a social networking with a chance to promote google ads. It’s another money making scheme?

  3. not exactly a chance to promote our google ads but this promote feature is replaced by google’s ads block some times. just a strategy of orkut team to enhance that ad block hits and visibility !!!

  4. Orkut is now walking on the foot prints of facebook, they also have such feature of adverts by users. But still it is also good for users like us.

  5. Yes i found somebody Promoting CE on Promote !!

  6. That’s great.. 🙂

  7. ya i have already done this

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