Clean Up time

This is time  to say bye to year 2008. And count up remaining in Dasvidaniya Style. Long road to go yet, just checked my Phpmyadmin for regular backup after a long time. the Backup was around 31 MB !! Confused ?? I was too. Most of memory was consumed by Statpress plugin and few other plugins that i used some months back.

Deletion of those plug-in, doesn’t delete there tables from database, so the garbage was still there. just cleaned those old tables. saved my lots of memory.

Heres a little SQL trick I found from Devils Workshop , to clean up the revised  versions of the post we publishes. Little change in the SQL Command from me as given SQL command was giving error.

DELETE FROM `wp_posts`WHERE `post_type` LIKE ‘revision’;

Now my Database is just 1.5 MB, Good to hear (Not only for my server but also for speed of blog access.)


10 responses to “Clean Up time”

  1. i did the same thing few days ago

  2. Abhi I need some help about managing the db of my site 😛 and will contact you via mail .

  3. I’ll be moving to a new server after the holidays and this will be of great help as I am backing up my database. Thanks for sharing Abi. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  4. I really thank you ,to help me sort out my database problem !!!!

    keep ^^ buddy

  5. Happy new Year, Abhishek. 🙂
    I came to your blog via dollarshower and find the articles really interesting. Hope to follow your blog in this new year.

  6. Yeh, its amazing how much junk some plugins put into the database. My database is not as large as yours, but I have cleaned it out a couple of times now.

    But now with the post revisions of these latest version, it has the potential to get really large.

  7. Glad to hear you were able to take out the trash!! 🙂

  8. Thanks for the tip. I did this before. I have to do it again to remove all revision posts.

    btw, Wishing you a very happy new year!

  9. Nice title for the post 🙂
    Wish you a great year ahead.

  10. Nice reading man……..

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