Celebrating 1 month in Blogosphere

This Blog Is now One month OLD. Lots Events happened in blogosphere and even my life too.

Short View of Posts :

Hello World : My dedicated words for all those people who helped in setting an wonderful Blog.

Esto Vox : Granular Project New Version was Released

Exam of 560 Crore : Biggest Exam in Indian History, Well I appeared for the State Bank Of India Exam. Results are not out yet.

World Population Day : 21st Anniversary of World population Day.

An Intelligent SMS Scam / Spam : Spam message to make you fool, just an marketing strategy !!

Are you Smarter Than 5th Class Student : Pretty clever and tricky Question from Mansoor.

PhpLynx Category Dump : PHPlynx a Web Directory Scripts Category Dump Developed by me

Pappu Can’t Code Sala : Tech Version of The Song “Pappu can’t Dance sala” from “Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na” Credit to Official authors.

Bye Bye My Nokia 3230 : MY lovely Handset, I used it for last 4 years. is now dead due to some clip.

Apple Iphone I Planned : Apple Iphone is Gonna launch soon in India may be in Sept. I am gonna buy it.

Airtel Servers Down In Maharashtra Circle : Tragedy with Airtel mumbai office, Lot issues are still after 15 days

Apna XP bhi Bolta hai : Yes XP can talk, Trick shared from Orkut CE Community

My WordPress Pinging Service List : WordPress the Great Blogging platform, heres my Pinging Service list.

Funny Resume : A Really Funny Resume

Mangesh Padgaonkar – Great Snap : Lovely artistic image of Great Marathi poet Mangesh Padgaonkar
Google Page Rank Update Started : Effects of Page rank update were seen from 28th July. I was expecting PR 1 or PR2 but my real good luck made it PR0. This is making me concentrating on Ranking.

Google Walks away from Digg Deal : Google offered 200 Million Dollars to digg. I would love to see what google would do with that !! but the google walks away now.

Post Mortem of 3230 Complete : Although my Nokia handset is no more useful for Calling and other task. the best thing I done from that is I learnt Nokia 3230 (One embedded handset) working its internal structure !!

Macbook Air Is Available In Nagpur : MacBook Air, The slickest Notebook ever is available in my town.

Well these all were Published Stuffs summary in short.some inside stories like

WordPress 2.6 Tyner Was launched This Month, I started Up along with WordPress 2.5.1 From Now its WordPress Tyner Here. I loved Tyner’s Working its simply great for beginner like me.

I made my Blog Sezwho Platform Compatible so now your valuable share on my blog is Shown all over the Blogosphere.

I Modified Tung Du’s Default theme, Now my version of Soveryn is 1024×768 Pixel Sized. and my blog is now Best visible in Firefox3. I suggest to use Calligraphic 421 BT True Type Font Font to View This Site in Best State.

Traffic Report :

Quiet interesting Visit hits here in the First month !! 1354 a big number of hit.

Lot Variety of people were on the Blog
Lots People from Lots of different Country !!

Last Not Least : Total Revenue from This blog for last month was $26 ( That was too much to maintain this blog for next two month ).

Thanks for My visitors for leaving me valuable comments, That helps me making my blog grow in Better Way. I promise to maintain the quality of the blog.




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  1. Congratulations on your first month. May there be many more to come.

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