Nehalem – Core i7

Intel unveiled the Brand of new processors Nehalem : successor of Core 2 Duo Series coming in end of this year!!

Generations :

  • 1st gen architecture = 8086
  • 2nd gen architecture = 286
  • 3rd gen architecture = 386
  • 4th gen architecture = 486
  • 5th gen architecture = P5 (Pentium)
  • 6th gen architecture = P6-based (Pentium Pro, Pentium II, Pentium III, Pentium-M, Core, Core 2)
  • (6th gen branched to “P68” aka Pentium IV)
  • 7th gen architecture = i7 Nehalem

At this time, Intel provides no guidance what i7 means, how i7 will evolve over time. Our first impression is that i7 much more technical name than Core 2 Duo. But we have no idea if that will be the general impression of the market and if it was Intel’s intention to come up a cold and very technical name. However, we do are quite sure that this new processor will create even more confusion for average PC buyers.


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  1. where is the quad-core? Any word about it’s features…capacity?

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