An Intelligent SMS Spam

Well This is Called Intelligent Spamming. Yesterday I received a same sms from two of my friends, Matter as follows : Send this sms to 12 members get Rs. 65.42R.S Talk value absolutely free Really i got it. U try…. Its for publishing this site.

how clever , just forwarded this sms to some shit head, and the chain goes on!! even the same method is Good for publicity, Even same method was used by Airtel ( Un-offcially ) about there new series ( Generally used every 2 years ) Well Dear Friends, Don’t Be Bakra for Chain SMS these are nothing but to increase the SMS flow specially in this days ( as there are no seasonal Vacations for SMS like Friendship day )

Apna Paisa Apna Mobile !!

Spam to mat bhejo yaar !!


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  1. Thanks you friend i recently got this msg too….i will make others aware too

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