Airtel Servers in Maharashtra Circle Are Down

Looks something strange on my blog ?? Yes i know its quite strange but that’s what we all are feeling in Maharashtra, Bharti Airtel is one of biggest Telecom Service provider. and since 1pm Today every one had noticed that not a single penny ( Paisa ) has been charged for call or SMS, I have received 3-4 anonymous SMS telling about the server down !!

So I have not misused this opportunity, Since this can be a another Sms Scam but still no cost call are really making some think doubtful but well Airtel is Upgrading there Network for 3G IPhone so it can be assumed as upgrades issue. Still my wishes to all those Who are Utilizing this oportunity !! Let me know how you utilized this opportunity !!


2 responses to “Airtel Servers in Maharashtra Circle Are Down”

  1. raish vaid Avatar
    raish vaid

    hi there,

    my friend says today…call free with airtel anywhere

  2. Me too enjoyed lots of Free calls and SMS that day 🙂

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