Apna XP bhi Bolta hai !!

Yes Windows XP can Talk !! Those who don’t Believe don’t read ahead !!

Get back to the Point, XP can Talk. I am not drunk !! its just a part of scripting. All you need is to Create a .VBS file ( VB Script ).

Method :

1. Open a Text pad like Notepad or any.

2. Put the Following code in it.

Dim msg, sapi
msg=InputBox(“Enter your text”,”Talk it”)
Set sapi=CreateObject(“sapi.spvoice”)
sapi.Speak msg

3. Now save the File with name “talkxp.vbs”

4. And now run that file just by double clicking that file !!

File Can be downloaded from here

8 thoughts on “Apna XP bhi Bolta hai !!

  1. Abhinav Singh

    Hehe, that post is 2 days back and your is 3. Anyways I saw you as one of my blog visitors and then when I visited your blog I saw your post similar to mine which I posted about 1 month back.

    Anyways no problem, if you don’t feel so let it be like this.


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