Google Walks Away From Digg Deal

I don’t know when google Offer 200 Million dollar to Digg. I am not Steve Jobs or Bill Gates to know these deals. I found over TechCrunch.

Frankly A website like Digg has no real benefit to a company like Google. Digg is more of a comedy website than a news website and the only benefit that it could ever bring Google is a search deal to take over the broken search feature on Digg, similar to how search was placed on MySpace.

Besides, no way in hell is Digg worth $200M. but I was interested in seeing what Google had for an idea after the purchase.

2 thoughts on “Google Walks Away From Digg Deal

  1. Abhishek Post author

    yes i believe Digg is not worth $200M for Google. Since Digg biggest part comes from ads revenue. and google itself has its advertising unit. I don’t think google is interested in advertising Page views !!

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