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Happy New Year – My list of things to focus on in 2013

New Year is already started; I usually don’t do New Year resolutions at least not like will give more time to family, no more long sitting in front of PC, losing weight etc. You can call it annual plan. 😀 Here is the list based on Priority. Nagpur Sites Network Discussing & planning since last three […]

Indian Solar Calendar – Saur Dindarshika

Sounds weird? Ever heard or read like १ सौर चैत्र शके १९३२??? It’s Solar Calendar system that was approved in 1956 by India’s First Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. It’s used in day-today activity, listen your FM, Doordarshan carefully dates are still mentioned in same format along with Western Calendar (Gregorian Calendar). How about using […]

India Against Corruption – Civil (Jan) lokpal

In India, it’s said, a clever should not step in Police station or judiciary. Then for whom these stuffs are made for?? For those who have not yet understand difference between Government lokpal and Anna’s Civil lokpal, take a look at following document. For those who want to read more about current govt. lokpal get […]