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  • Nagpur’s First Twitter Meetup

    Twitter Meetup – really an excuse to have an informal get-together and some fun. A reason for us to get away from keyboards and make new friends in meat-space.

  • Events Around Me

    Well the Exams are over !! Time is to rework many of the Plans. This coming month seems more happening to me, Loads of activities 1. Nagpur ‘s First Official Tweetup on 1st May 2010 : Finally Nagpur Twitter user group is about to be formed. Meetup is organized on 1st of May – Weekend…

  • I’m Fitehal !!

    I know i’m fitiyal (Slang used for Fitehal in Central India, Precisely in Nagpur – my home town). Just updated my Twitter ID to Fitehal from Deshabhishek007. From now onwards you can Tweet me @Fitehal

  • IE6 Must Die

    IE6 is the road block of coming HTML5 – web future.  Join the Twitter Campaign to say Go Home IE6. Every one know its hard to say bye to IE6 but this campaign will surely let peoples, media’s and outdated Managers in  IT firms know about this roadblock. Image Credit : John Martz

  • Where am I? am I DEAD ??

    Not Dead just lost in bhool-bhulaiya !! though the Tedious month was over, no one knows more tedious days are ahead except pretending to know. Last month I switched my job from Shreesurya to Telezent, both were in my home town makes me feel good that I don’t need to leave my city for my…

  • Still Following Idle Twitter user?

    I am not a die-hard fan of twitter but it is sometimes great to stay updated regarding some news and other sensational topics. Many twitter users like me follow each and every follower. but many of them not even twitt daily / weekly / monthly / yearly. These guys are just Idle. You want to…

  • Google Ads on Twittad

    This is some thing strange when i observed Twittad . Twittad is a Advertising Agency where User over Twitter sells an Advertising space on his twitter profile page. and Advertiser buys an advertising space for whatever amount. Idea is not really bad. Social Site like Twitter allowing this is really great !! Twittad is working…