17 thoughts on “IE6 Must Die

  1. Ashish Kalmegh

    Ha ha ha !!
    LoL 😀
    You are right IE6 is really not so useful and safe therefore should not be used .

    Still many people use it . Those who say they are literate and use IE6 should think over their wrong belief again !

  2. Hamad

    Heh! I TOTALLY agree. Youtube did great by disabling IE 6 support. Couldn’t do better than that to make people MOVE!

  3. Ajith Edassery

    It’s the only crappy browser on which my blog has some rendering problems. I am fed up of tweaking the the theme stylesheer for this browser.

    Unfortunately, I still receive some 5-6 visits per day from IE6 users…so the only way to make them upgrade to latest browsers is to make IE discontinue via this kind of campaigns 😆

    Other major reason for IE6 to be still there is the number of XP users they have… Due to the failure of Vista, many people still use XP so…

  4. vbb

    AFAIK..it is not the IT people,media managers and IT firms who are using IE6.It is those naive users sitting at home.And I am almost sure that THEY DO NOT USE TWITTER. 😀

  5. Hamad

    Ajith I assume you run a tech site thats why you have very few viewership from IE. IE still gives me aroudn 50 percent visits on my music blog, sigh I can’t do anything about it 🙁

  6. Guttu

    This is just overreaction IMO. A software which helped the internet to grow to a great extent must not die. Instead of this hate campaign there should have been a positive upgrade campaign.

  7. Ajith Edassery

    I have 57% visitors from Firefox and next is IE with 30%. However, majority of them are on IE7 and 8 and only a very few from IE6… It’s not really 5-6 as I mentioned in the last comment. I checked it just now… in the last month about 300 or my 3000+ visitors came in via IE6 – and that’s a good 10% 🙁 unfortunately…

  8. Ruchi

    Youtube is making people aware to stop using IE 6 … Better to upgrade or firefox is always a better option. Nice Cartoon .

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