Rainy days are here !

Monsoon in Nagpur

Monsoon is at my home town ! making the climate pleasant and cool for hanging out.  Rain was delayed too much this time almost June is over.  Global warming is the reason for this. If your town is hot baked town then don’t wait and watch this next rain should not be delayed. Participate in Make It Green Campaign. Submit your idea, grab some new idea’s to implement in your region. Very creative idea’s explained there do check out and implement them.


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  1. Here are a few things you can do to prevent water loss:

    1. Take showers instead of bath, it actually lessens the amount of water used.

    2. Use Washing Machines and Dish Washers at Full Capacity(people sometimes start washing even with two or three units and this increases the wastage of water)

    3. Water the garden or lawn at night, it reduces the evaporation that takes place after watering and it makes sure that more water is absorbed by the soil.

    4. Close the taps tightly after using since, Every Drop Counts.

    5. Use Alarm systems to know if the tank is full instead of relying on the overflowed water to let you know that its full.

    Right now can only think of these as I have implemented these myself practically. Will write more as soon as I’ll get used to more of it.

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