[Solved][AMP Error] The tag ‘link rel=canonical’ appears more than once in the document.

We received a sudden rise of errors in Search Console with Error
“The tag ‘link rel=canonical’ appears more than once in the document”.
We are using the following two plugins:

This Error arose because both plugins were adding canonical to AMP Code. Removing one is the only solutions.

As Canonical from Yoast was wrong, we decided to remove Yoast’s Canonical. Thanks to Yoast team for the canonical documentation & wpseo_canonical Filter. Following Code is what we used to remove Canonical from AMP Output.

// Remove canonical from better-amp output.
add_filter( 'wpseo_canonical', 'remove_canonical_from_bamp' );
function remove_canonical_from_bamp( $canonical ) {
      return false;
  return $canonical; /* Do not remove this line. */

Above code will work only if you are having Better AMP plugin in use.
Happy Publishing!

[Update] Based on Comments, Please Paste that function in your Theme’s Functions.php or if you are not sure how to edit Functions.php or use Code Snippets Plugin.

Month in short – Feb 2020

As mentioned last month’s blogpost, here’s the glimpse of my February.

February 2020 brought lots of new experiences

  • First time attended an Bharatnatyam Concert.
  • Learned about Accessibility issues in Icon Fonts.
  • 6 Days of Bed rest due to Fever.
  • Caught in cross fire on twitter. indeed it was my mistake.
  • Met Old buddies after 6 Years.

March is already in Action 🙂

The trial month with the Real Experiences

This Year 2020, I had some plans to execute but Expect the Unexpected should be the Golden rule of Life. Here is the short version of January 2020.

  • Travelled 6 Cities.
  • Visited 8 Different Gaming Arcade.
  • Met a 5 Car Collision.
  • Visited Police Station Thrice.
  • Witnessed Highway traffic Surveillance system.
  • Missed Mumbai Flight, Had to fly to Pune then by Road to Mumbai.

That’s just one part of 2020, there are 11 more to go. 2020 has lots of experiences in a plate.

This year I’m not planning for any resolutions like last year’s Daily writing one. Rather I’m working on simpler goals:

  • Fixing some early days client relationship mistakes.
  • Prepare for Half Marathon, Participate in 2021.
  • New Zealand trip is still on the list.
  • Read One Book this Year not sure which one, suggestions are most welcome.

That’s all from me, what is in your bucket for 2020. and how was your January?