Back to Management Basics – Part 1

Management Basics as a topic on my blog is little absurd to read on MBA Dropout’s page. I was already leading a Team of 12 people when I started my MBA and carried away with Technology than management sessions. Now, I’ve reached I point where I feel I can’t run behind new tech stacks. Its time for me to revisit all the skills I had or I tried to pursue to make something out of it. While going back to basics, I’m publishing my notes here.

Terminologies – Question to Ask
Vision – Where are we going as an Organization?
Mission – When are we successful?
Objectives – What must we be moving towards?
Goals – To reach out objectives, what must we do and by when?
Strategies – How will we meet each goal?
Actions – Who will do what and when will they do it?
Metrics – What do we value that we can measure qualitatively or quantitatively?



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