My New Project: Good Finds

While people are still posting about Ten Year Challenge Pics, I’m taking baby steps with the trend. For those who know me from my college days, I use to Post Tips and Tricks on my blogspot blog which started of curiosity of sharing good finds.

In 2009, I took my first job and had a slowdown in blogging career. Finding new stuff, sharing that free and crazy stuff with friends holds rare pleasure. Over the years, I saw many cool tools, blogging about them remained in the draft.

So In 2019, I’ve created a list on Github of such crazy things for Bloggers, Marketers and Developers. Here’s the link to Good Finds on GitHub.

If you have any cool tool, feel free to Send Pull Request or share in Comment.


3 responses to “My New Project: Good Finds”

  1. Love the idea!

  2. Thanks for including Content Auditor on your list!

  3. My pleasure Fredrick!

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