Make money With Web Directory

Make money With Directory

After unleashing my quickly approving directory list, I concentrated more on directory business. Its good and growing like a fire. Here’s my little guide to get started with these directories.

Directory biz is easy to setup. Little requirement and you biz is on !! you need a good host to setup your directory as directories needs good up-time and bandwidth. choose your Web-host wisely. Directory can be General or niche based. Both type of directories works at best. TLD and subdomain affects at some extent, better have a Top level domain. At last you need a directory script to set your directory. phpld, Esyndicate, phplynx are the great scripts with the paid and free both versions. Installation of these scripts are simpler than any other ever seen. Once installed just have some nice template that suites the directory niche. set the category and mailer of your directories. there are many pre made category dumps out over the web. Use any of them or create your own.

Once you have setted your directory and you are ready to enter the market to promote your directory. Just post a thread at Solicitation and announcement board in Digital point will make your directory running. As many of hungry peoples are waiting in DP to Add there links to the new directories. All you need is just to enter in the list of Directory submitters, they make your traffic graph go higher.

The initial promotion will surely make you grab the attention for advertisers. but the Big money making part in Directory is Featured links. You need to fascinate Directory submitter about your directory. Generally Featured link buyer are not found easily to any new directory. Here you need to work hard. Go out to classified, banner marketing and link ads.

For banner marketing try out Entrecard network, as entrecard works with Blogs you have a chance of good lead and traffic. For Link ads many are out there with little risk factor. I suggest trying Spider market. with the nice mechanism for payment. You can Buy text links. inspite you can also generate a backlinks to increase page rank.

Last way for money making idea is with Google Adsense, with your proper promotion of directory you get good CPM ads over adsense.

Well that’s what all i think ! let me know your views too.

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14 responses to “Make money With Web Directory”

  1. waooo! wonderful article!!
    Thanx Abhi!

  2. Yes, it is a good and profitable business. you can get benefit from all the way with little investment. You can get Page Rank, adsense revenue etc…

  3. nice abhi:D
    The image which you used to explain this investment is the most appropriate .
    Nice article

  4. nice image man, Sale copy paste nahi chodega.
    will try to enter directory biz soon .

  5. One of the best image, thanks for sharing

  6. I have Google Adsense and Entrecard among the list. I haven’t opted to Text Links buying yet, but it’s a good option in case I need favorable backlinks. Valuable info, thanks.

  7. Hey abhi that’s a nice way to make money and get traffic.
    Other good way I believe is set up a proxy website, and use adsense code. Make sure you add some meaningful writing there like what is proxy and how a proxy works.

    After a while your proxy might stop working but when user will come and they got nothing to do, chances of getting clicks on your ads are very high.

  8. Abhi, its really very good article, I was planning to setup / buy a directory and now i am clear on how to proceed.

    Thanks for wonderful help.

  9. Nice article! I bought a few directories a couple of months back, but was just working on getting their PR’s Up and Alexas down before doing anything heavy duty on the money front. This helps a lot!

  10. Very good article, now looking at setting up a directory as you have outlined.


  11. i have seen many big dir’s getting penalised by Google.

    i too had few dirs but i sold those last year and not into dir biz right now

  12. your english is pretty bad.

  13. Hi,
    Nice article, I have just launched with phpld 4.0. I submitted the site to and now I have aprox 30 submissions a day.
    Now I work hard to tune and seo opt it before I take the next steps, I guess I will use several of your tips in the article.

    Thank you

  14. I believe it’s a good passive income source. Though directories start at very low popularity (e.g. PR0, Alexa Rank), these rankings improves thru time.

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