Choosing A Web Host

Choosing an Webhost , an another boring post regarding post regarding choosing a new webhost ?? Not really Boring. Till a month ago I was thinking only uptime, webspace and bandwidth and cost are the points to be noted while choosing the host. But they are the only one Side of Coin.

Reliability , Support and limitation is another side of Coin and the most important part of this selection.

Recently Seen with Chetan‘s Don’t Laugh – self hosted wordpress was suffering from Account suspension from Webhost. Reason : CPU Usage overload. This part i never looked. site was having near about 1500 Unique visitors consuming its resources. No Intimation nothing site was suspended.  Just because of load of visitors ?? site is made to have visitor and Don’t Laugh was punished for Same Damn.

After all on reading terms of Service of Host we found only 10% of CPU usage was allowed. hosting was from Some local Reseller. since payment mode was not paypal those days (earlier days of My and Chetan’s Internet Use) But many paypal hosting like Host Gator, Mc Kremie, Dream host provides very high % of CPU usage as compaired to that hell.

Now Don’t Laugh is back. Enjoy the Site. But remember the points regarding choosing web hosting.


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  1. Ah now I understand why Chetan was cautioning me about making changes to the theme PHP scripst 😆 He might have screwed up his CPU cycles via non-performing scripts…

    I had faced this problem sometime back when some plugins were giving issues. I have a pretty good bandwidth with Host Monster but it still exceeded CPU (with less than two hundred visits that day). Finally I removed some plugins. Since then, there was a day when I received 800 uniques from stumble alone but no CPU issues 🙂

  2. Thanks for increasing my gyaan on web hosting..

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