7 thoughts on “NO Comment in Akismit Spam Queue

  1. Ajith Edassery

    I should try one of those captchas. These days my blog has 15 or 16 spam comments per one genuine comment!

    But I am worried about the genuine users abstaining from commenting, if captcha is introduced. I want to make the commenting process as easy as possible for them.


  2. Lyndi

    This is interesting. I uploaded wp-spamfree a few days ago and achieved the same results. The advantage of wp-spamfree is that you are not asking your users to complete a captcha.

  3. Mitch

    I’m glad you haven’t gotten any spam, but I’ve got to admit that, often, I have problems reading the text in this type of captcha, and the audio has never worked for me. At least today I can easily see the words; thank goodness!

  4. Karen

    I have Captcha on some of my other blogs and reading your post has reminded me to add it to my the BlazingMinds blog. Spam is a real pain in the backside I usually get SPAM for things that have nothing to do with the posts..

  5. Nihar


    Nice find. Thanks for letting us know. I will use it. Right now i have maths question. But still i am getting spams.

    Will try this.

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