Performance Appraisal Letter

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9 responses to “Performance Appraisal Letter”

  1. Good one… 😆 I have seen one similar joke before…

  2. Kindly see the side bar, which is overstepping your post, i am not able to read last words of the lines…

  3. I thought you can click on Image for clear view !!

  4. I can click the image to read it all, but it wasn’t immediately obvious and I almost left your site before enjoying the joke. The type is pretty big, maybe you could scale the image to fit.

    Thanks for the funny joke.

  5. I hope its fine Now !!

  6. Looks great!

  7. LOL,


  8. Funny as heck!! lol

  9. edz pascua Avatar
    edz pascua

    great… but who is vivek and vimal? are they twins?
    hahaha ^_^ joke

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