Google PageRank Update !!

A Good News !! Another Step ahead for this blog since its live on the web. Yesterday PR update reflects were seen. I found this blog to be PR 3. Happy with What happen in short period. just 5000 unique hits and 13000 page hits Per Month is the Great achievement !!
Not the less Technorati Ranking is also improved its now under 1 lakh. its 72,043 🙂

So over all i think this blog had some existence in Web World !!

12 thoughts on “Google PageRank Update !!

  1. Ajith Edassery

    Congratulations buddy… That’s a great achievement in a short time span. I found myself in PR3 couple of days back as well…

    Ajith @

  2. TechnoSamrat

    You have got a good Blog here.. all the best.. hope to see more and more posts from you… I got a PR4 in the last update.. I’m very happy as my Blog is just 1 month old…

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