Google Digg Deal explained ??

My Previous post Google walk away from Digg deal, my question was there till today morning. why Google is interested in Digg ?? Digg has nothing but lots of members and lots of impression( may be half or less that googles search engine main page hits). here’s what my mind concluded : In Feb, Yahoo launched Yahoo Buzz (Don’t stare !!) Well i don’t know when google go for Digg deal but hence Google did take an activity to stand up Against the Big Y ! Competitor. Developing New System like digg is not big task for Google. but getting number of users to use such feature is little tedious task especially  in such market  of knowledge sharing where Digg, Stumble Upon, propeller and a long list which is even available in my Share icons at the lower of post !! And Digg is Top one in this Market so the Offer of $200M is not that much affective for google to stand in the competition.

Not much cool as that of digg but its Fine still its in beta Period. and Yahoo had done lots creative works. Yet its simple to share information. recently its open for all. implies soon will be ready to come out of Beta. Tapan Bhat mentioned Yahoo buzz will be generating lots traffic ( For test matter I have submitted one of my post. share you the Report in next few days !!)

My Best wishes to Yahoo Buzz. I would like to have your views over this !!


4 responses to “Google Digg Deal explained ??”

  1. Ohh, so thats why Google was on Digg
    Now i thing google will start its own service like DIGG or BUZZ

  2. i see. Right now, i’m understand about that. I’m just find with Digg and Google.

  3. Very Informative Blog Abhi, Nice work !

    Take Care,

  4. I could think of a few reasons why Google would be interested in Digg. Digg has a large user base, it has stack loads of return traffic and it’s popular. Digg has become just as popular as Google has in the buzzword stakes.

    Google has a lot of influence when it comes to web applications and software. Simply placing a link on their homepage like they did with Chrome would be sufficient to drive people to their own Digg-esque web-site.

    Maybe Google doesn’t see something like Digg profitable seeming as it has been stated Digg users do not click advertisements.

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