Apple Iphone I planned !!

After Death of my Nokia 3230 , I am planning to buy an Apple Iphone , Currently its a dream for me. As it is not launched in India !! but the official Video shows that the expected price is to be $199 apx 8400 rs.

with technologies like 3G , Multitouch, GPS, Accelerometer and sensors. And its Apple so looks are always great !!

Well Only hurdle is its yet to launch, Vodafone and Bharti Airtel will be the Official Network provider for 3G Service !! Here you can Get updated regarding Launch of Iphone in India !! Expected launch will be in September till then I am using a MOTO C140 – a very Basic Handset !!


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  1. Ummm bad news mate 🙂

    Well when you’re buying iphone for 199$ in India, probably you’ll be required to sign 2-3 year contract with vodafone etc. 😛
    without contracts it’ll cost you around 22K bucks …

    zwanderers last blog post..Youtube viewers’ privacy , an issue!

  2. 2-3 years contract is ok if it happens with Airtel!!
    I am havinng Airtel Since 4 years !!

  3. Sandeep Parkhi Avatar
    Sandeep Parkhi

    Apple ifone is locked for use with AT & T in US and the cracked ones don’t get updates for firmware. And it is said that you can’t forward msgs and send one msg to more than 1 recipeints in ifone…..confirm that before u decide…….by the way,i have apple ipod touch 8GB which is ifone without a sim….same interface……its amazing

  4. Sandeep Jijaji,
    I know unlocking Iphone in India Cost a lot. Even then it had some issues with our Network !! Soon Bharti and Vodaphone will be making it compatible network so that Original( No need to unlock ) So I will be Sending lots SMS at a time !! Waiting to Use apple’s interface !!

  5. Hi Abhishek,

    I was also waiting for iPhone but have decided not to buy it after its actual price was declared 2-3 days ago. Airtel and Vodafone have started selling it from last midnight in select cities. Check out my blog for my views on iPhone pricing in India.

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