Moments I love to capture at any WordCamp

I’ve attended 21 WordCamp in India since 2013, Campers have spotted me with Camera in most of WordCamps, Sometimes as Photographer Volunteer or as an attendee who uses a camera as an excuse to peek into the different tracks or to escape Boring Sessions.

Since then many serial WordCamper started calling me as UnOfficial Photographer of WordCamps in India. My Camera has given me recognition in Indian WordPress Community, I can’t ignore that part.

I’m writing this blog post for all those who love to Capture Moments at any Conference. if you find anything new on your Capture list, please do share in Comment. Here is the list of Items I prefer to Capture in any conference

    • Pre Camp Preparations
    • Venue & Props
    • Registration Desks & Objects
    • Swag Counters & Objects
    • Breakfast / Lunch / Snacks items
    • People enjoying Food
    • People Networking
    • People having Selfie / Groupie
    • Speakers Preparing for Talks
    • Speakers while Presenting
    • Speaker Discussing offline
    • In Room QnA Photos
    • Sponsors Desk
    • Sponsors while Exhibiting
    • Companies Team Photos
    • Opening and Closing Ceremony

I often publish those photos on my FB Profile, you can check them here.



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