Resource for your Next WordPress (Theme) Site

I don’t know How I left this Post pending in draft, While starting another project was searching for this post, and it was it Draft. In Jan 2018, when I was done with #WPMeta Website, I drafted this one.

Here are some resources I used to code #WPMeta Website.

1. Underscores (_s) – Starter theme
Underscore is starter theme with all latest standards of WordPress system. Components provide the choice of multiple structures.

2. Coolers – Color Scheme Generator
Not Being Designer, I have a bad taste in colour combinations. Last time I was coding a theme, I used Kuler by Adobe, pretty complicated to use., way to easy compared to Kuler.

3. Mixfont – Font Combination generator
Fonts combination is another UI part where I lack a lot. Mixfont is easy to go, test multiple Google fonts with each other.

4. Fontello – Icon fonts generator
Fontello is open source icon fonts generator. Remember the moment when you load font awesome library just for two icons. You are wasting your & users bandwidth. Just select your desired icons, build

Do let me know what tools you like to use for your custom theme development.



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