Create Hotspot with Broadcom bcm43224 [bcm43xx] on ElementaryOS Freya

Its Pretty easy to create Hotspot in Ubuntu and Ubuntu based distributions. Following This article will help you easily create Hotspot

you are Lucky if you are done in first run. But if you found “AP Mode Not Supported” Message. you need to dig-in like me. its driver issue. all you need to hunt for correct drivers. Follow article linked Below

Follow Step 1 to Step 7.

If you don’t found your Drivers in Additional Drivers, make sure you are done with 7th Step, restart the PC.

Remove Existing Driver

sudo modprobe -r wl

Load Newly installed one.

sudo modprobe brcmsmac

Repeat Step 3, Check current driver running on your wifi adapter by running below command

ethtool -i wlan0 | grep driver

Should Not Result like (Any thing apart from this is most welcome)

driver: wl0

You are ready to Create Hotspot with steps mentioned in Ubuntu Handbook.


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