India Against Corruption – Civil (Jan) lokpal

In India, it’s said, a clever should not step in Police station or judiciary.
Then for whom these stuffs are made for??

For those who have not yet understand difference between Government lokpal and Anna’s Civil lokpal, take a look at following document.

For those who want to read more about current govt. lokpal get the scanned document available at India against corruption’s Download Section.

Do you know why did government ban 25paisa coin?
Ek Anna toh sambhaal nahi sakte, 4 Anna kaha se sambhaalenge.

Well it’s not time to pass such jokes, it’s time to act, find activity in your city.


3 responses to “India Against Corruption – Civil (Jan) lokpal”

  1. vaibhav kshire Avatar
    vaibhav kshire

    jai hind…..

  2. Informative one. Worth Reading 🙂

    ‘Ek Anna toh sambhaal nahi…’ haha

  3. Good post. see you at RBI square.

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