Pay Per Click (PPC) Management & Performance Optimization to Gain More

Writing after long time, this post is targeted for fellows looking for internet marketing strategy, mainly useful for promoting their products, services, etc. Almost a decade Pay per click (PPC) strategy is playing the vital role in internet marketing. I’m not going into deep definitions or how to’s of PPC, here goes easy PPC management & optimization.

Discovering Keywords:
Building a relevant keyword database helps you to understand your customers, you should know how customer search for the products or services you serve. Using Brainstorming, questionnaire, keywords suggestion tools, Google Suggest, Google insight, your traffic stats can build a great list of keywords.

Grouping Keywords:

Grouping keywords into subgroups based on logical term, is going to create a systematic database for further activities. PPC gives fast feedback thus the organized data helps a lot.

Expanding keywords database with Negative Keywords:
Your product/Service competitor’s name is usual and best example of Negative keyword. Showing your ad here-n-there is just wastage of money; show your ad to one who is looking for similar product/service, though he/she is looking for your competitor.

Building Nice Landing Page:
Your ad campaign drives traffic to your page, but didn’t generate the lead?? Think with the mind of searcher, may product doesn’t match with what he/she is looking for, displayed product is too confusing, No idea where to proceed further. So just show your product / service nicely, Keep it simple, easy navigable. And don’t forget to Track the conversions.

Setup your Campaign:
Now that logical group of keywords, nicely build landing pages are ready, think about your Cost per Click (CPC), remember bid amount is subject to value per lead. So it’s your money and budget. You can spend wisely. Every Company though it be Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, or anyone else they had great video tutorials to play with their UI.

Analyze the Performance:
With the Running Campaign, to increase productivity, keep analyzing the performances. Google Analytics great tool to research, analyze the performance of your campaign, maintaining them will reduce your search engine marketing Cost for PPC ROI.

Maintain High Click through rate (CTR):
High CTR shows more customers. Rotating keywords will get more exposure to right customers.

So that’s all you can do to with your PPC Campaign, The biggest hurdle of PPC Management is identifying your keywords over the period of time, organize and manage thousand of potential keywords. So if you are hiring someone, be sure he is Certified professional.

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  1. Right now I am spending close to $200 per month on various PPC campaigns. The landing page is very important not just for conversion but programs like AdWords will penalize you by increased per click pricing if the landing page is not good enough or your selection of keywords is bad.

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