Facebook is a Stupid Idiot !!!!

David Ippolito debuts his new facebook song at The Leonard Nimoy Thalia Theater in New York City in 2010. (Subtitled “What the Fuck is Farmville!?”) a must watch :

Funny right ??
hope to see more Facebook fun in coming The Social Network – Movie.

here goes the lyrics of above video

I saw my ex on Facebook…
But I wanted to do what’s best.
Show her there are no hard feelings so
I sent her a “friend request”.
But now her photo pops up in that random 6
And I just think it’s mean…
There she is with a new guy makin’ out
on my computer screen!

Facebook is a stupid idiot! (x3)

Jane said you gotta be on Facebook
to connect in the digital age.
So like everyone else… and their pets
I got my face a Facebook page.
Now the learning curve was a bitch at first.
I didn’t know ’til I got burned
that what I wrote on my wall could be seen by all.
That’s just the first thing that I learned.

Facebook is a stupid idiot! (x2)

It’s the place for worthless information
like an insane almanac.
Where women post minutiae
and men write stupid comments back.
Where women can vent about mundane events
and inundate the Internet.
And where clueless men “friend” women
who they’ve never even met.

Facebook is a stupid idiot

’cause I could stand to miss
the fact that Tanya thinks all her friends are “AWESOME”
and for some reason Pete “likes this”.
And Rita reports that the trucks are loud
but she still loves this city. It proves that…

Facebook is a stupid idiot.

Now some woman sent me flowers…
‘though I don’t even know her name.
I stayed home that day for hours
but no flowers ever came.
Then she started sending hugs and drinks. Of course…
all of it completely fake.
Then she hit me with a “virtual pillow”
How much shit can one man take?

Facebook is a stupid idiot

’cause I don’t need to read
all the everyday hapless crap out there
then ZAP! It’s a “News Feed”.
Like: Jenny just made Ben’s favorite stew
and gave some to their kitty. It proves that…

Facebook is a stupid idiot.

Now some guy with a mind for trivia
wants to know how mine compares to his.
But I’m gonna buy a gun if he sends one more
f#%king “movie quiz.”
And Liza says she needs fertilizer
’cause her FarmVille crops are small.
And Missy says she’s just so damn busy today…
But had time to write that on my wall!

Facebook is a stupid idiot.

There’s nothing more to say.
How else would I know that Heather
thinks that “flip-flop weather”
is finally here to stay!
And what did we do before we knew
that Sue just took a nap.
Facebook is a stupid idiot.


8 responses to “Facebook is a Stupid Idiot !!!!”

  1. Grate awesome song…

  2. my pleasure you liked it.

  3. really nice song,

  4. Awesome clip!! 🙂

  5. poornima Avatar


  6. So much truth in 8 minutes. Great song, I cannot stop laughing.

  7. Everyone thinks FB is stupid idiot… Still everyone atleast opens it for an hour each day to check their updates lol..

    Accept the fact that he loved this idiot so much that he wrote such a long poem on it..

  8. great song. It had me laughing

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