Nagpur PHP Meetup – Developing Facebook Application

In Last Nagpur’s PHP User group meetup, Me and Chetan presented Facebook application development – basic introduction. Main motive was to introduce User group with Development environment, FBML, FQL , FJS and Library.

Just check out following presentation

Also had a small app – Nagpur PHP meet Test App presented live, small Application code can be downloaded. Click to download Facebook Test Application

There are lots more happening in Nagpur now a days, if you are interested in PHP Meetups !!
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2 responses to “Nagpur PHP Meetup – Developing Facebook Application”

  1. I too have idea of developing facebook application,, but i don’t have any idea or guides,, do i need to host the application in my server ??

  2. Yes Ashok,
    you need to upload your app at your server.

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