Polymorphism : Dravid is back in the Form !!

2nd Test Match, India Vs England. Rahul Dravid made an Century, Rahul the Wall of Indian Cricket team was not in Good form since his captaincy.
Rahul’s Century in First inning made me to say “Dravid is Back in the Form !!”
pretty Good news for Dravid’s Fans(I am not big fan of him but he is not bad player.) Now today in the second inning he played 19 ball zero runs.
the same statement made me remmember of OOPS concept – Polymorphism : same statement different meaning.
” Dravid is back in form !! ”


4 responses to “Polymorphism : Dravid is back in the Form !!”

  1. Lmao. True. OOps-ically true.


  2. I just wrote about it on my cricket blog… It’s great to see him back in form (Not today’s innings)

    Actually I have a different opinion on Dravid. For me, he has been a better player than Sachin Tendulkar for India’s middle order in test cricket – especially when it matters. As an allround player (One dayers included) Sachin is the best.

    And Dravid is an exceptional slip fielder as well. India for sure will not find another Rahul Dravid in the next 10 years. People like Yuvraj Singh are utter waste in test cricket.

  3. Yeah, its good to see him back in form. But he is very very slow. That is the reason i don’t like him.

    @Ajith, BTW whats the url of your cricket blog?

  4. Seems coding has gone too much into your head…. Wake up!!!!!

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