How To Download From Youtube India ??

Sorry Mates, I am offline For few days More so little delays in postings. YouTube India Was launched Few month Back with the Great Applaud. then few month later url redirection Funda Was implemented on the Basis of IP Address. So for an Indian you are redirected to (country specific was great).

I am not Great fan of youtube, just use it for knowledge and little entertainment purpose. Fast Video Downloader and Video Downloader Addon of Firefox were greatly working to Download them. Well I am a bit lazy kind of person downloading video from youtube after a long time. Today both Didn’t worked since they are not upgraded for (Youtube India). I thought some encryption in Youtube url is changed. so used proxy to visit URL was all same just “IN” was added ahead. Not even a Single Online Youtube downloader is Prepared for, so you have to remove IN. from the url to work on online downloaders like TechCrunch Downloader, etc.

URL Now :

URL For Download:

Thats all you need to do.


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  1. Sandeep Parkhi Avatar
    Sandeep Parkhi

    If you want to be browser independent, just download free studio from and you can get various tools installed as you require from that. Basically it will install one software on your machine, kind of a dashboard, wherein various options are available. As you click on them, respective utilities get installed. You can convert You Tube video to ipod format, download video, extract audio from you tube video, decrypt DVDs, convert video file formats and lot more…..

  2. Sandeep Parkhi Avatar
    Sandeep Parkhi

    One more thing…with, you can download files directly in AVI format rather than in FLV format…

  3. This should come in handy. Thanks for sharing. Not much of a video watcher or a YouTube user, but will come in handy for the videos I want to d/l.

  4. thanx buddy !!!

    i requried some handy prog. like this !!!!!

  5. Sandeep Parkhi Avatar
    Sandeep Parkhi

    Yes.But its not all about You Tube video only. Its actually a integrated dashboard of various utilities. I also don’t download many you tube videos, but I use that to extract audio from you tube video. Many songs are available online with a low bit rate and lower in quality.So I extract audio from videos.

  6. wait, you really cannot download youtube from india?

  7. Now its possible just little changes in url !!

  8. Looks like a cool utility. I have been using something like DVD VideoSoft Free Studio (fogot the actual name) in the past. A browser add on will be always helpful…

  9. Better to use IDM for downloading any type of FLV files from web pages.
    I always use IDM. its best and faster option.

  10. i just use some software and i can download any youtube clib easily. 🙂

  11. Thanks for the great tip!!!

  12. Great article, thanks heaps for this!

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