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Few days I am busy to publish some post. Now i am back again.

This month there are lots of offers in webhosting services, even rise in plan fall in cost may be due to the word called “recession”.

Host gator is giving 20 % discount on this Valentine season with special coupon code “HEART”.

Dreamhost is celibrating valentines day and presidents day and for a one-year hosting plan using the promotional code “777” and you’ll get a whole year of web hosting (including a domain registration) for just $9.24! That’s 92% off!

Blue host and lunarpages had increased the serice part like space and other factors. Apart from big webhost I mentioned above many small Webhosting providers are also providing many offers. so do check out the Web Hosting Reviews for the best Web hosting Solution.


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  1. Great post with latest offers, i am planning to buy new host from many months ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Selling Hosting With heart !!
    Thanx for info
    Share Ur WEB content with Love!!
    Happy Valentine

  3. My web host is not included? It’s generous for thoseweb host that discounts on Valentines Day.

  4. Sorry Marlene !!
    i forget to watch godaddy !!

  5. I just started using Bluehost and it seems to be pretty good. It’s a bit of getting used to shifting files around on a server and all of that.

  6. I am kinda fed up with HostMonster who is asking for 9 bucks per month now for renewal (until now it was 5.95 pm). I might think of host gator. After all, they have been the main sponsors of my blog competition.

  7. Why nobody is talking about Media Temple?

    Thats a good host provider. Their support is excellent but only when you can get it. Since all their operations are US based, they have only US personnel providing support.

  8. DreamHost is still offering a 92% discount. It seems recession times are still not over for them. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Nice post – I like Bluehost and GoDaddy. Pretty stable platforms.

    Sandeep Arora

  10. All solutions are as good as for simple Professional sites, but i hate offers mentioning unlimited blah blah………and even both players Hostgator and DH offers that.

    They say you can host unlimited domains, unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth all in their ***Features***

    but they give a small points in TOS saying its shared hosting you can’t use more then 25% resources for more then 90seconds.

    My advise – a simple rule, don’t expect really good service when you aren’t paying a really good amount.

    And also, about $9 offer – its just for 1st year, and there’s no problem in going with it BUT dh servers are TERRIBLY slow, as per my tests i done last week via 4 separate dh accounts – uplink speeds are less then 3Mbps, and downlink around 5Mbps

    isn’t that uplink < downlink terrible for a webhost? o_O

    though nice post abhi…

    and also my recommended host for now –

    20GB space, 200GB bandwidth for $11/yr
    (not unlimited) ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. @ Anurag Bhandari
    92% , ohhh.
    now i think its the time to buy one account from them ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. Dreamhost is a lame when it comes to offering such offers..
    half of the year they are up with one or another new offer ๐Ÿ˜›

  13. Even my host ixWebhosting is good, it also provided few offers.

  14. Heres one thing for all those who says their web-hosting provides unlimited space

    set_time_limit (10000);
    fputs($file,”Oops!! I was testing how much I can store here”);
    echo “.”;
    echo “$j”;
    echo “$i down”;

    This is my test script to ensure that you get what you are told, save this as php file and run it, then do ur browsing and then come back to see how much gbs your account has consumed, if it still says nothing then keep on going, soon it will suspend your account saying that you exceeded your data limits….
    but wait a sec, it was an unlimited space account…..
    so how cum you exceeded data limit??
    please ensure that you dont need your acount anymore before commiting this craziness
    CAUTION: Dont do it on your own computer server otherwise it will freeze thereby consuming all the amount of freespace in the drive and you wont be able to start it again till you delete that folder from some other source(you can also kill the process in between, but surely its in a state of total unreliability at this time)……

  15. Hi
    @ Sandeep Arora – Bluehost agree, Godaddy and Dreamhost i don’t

    @ Harsh Agrawal – becoz DH is almost useless, i had 3 times data loss on their backup cluster, server’s link speeds are terribly slow.

    @ Slim0123 – cool! Thanks ๐Ÿ˜€
    btw i feel unlimited space is nothing and it all depends on how much you are paying. Now if you pay $50/yr for unlimited space then consider it to be less then 50GB while if you are paying $200/yr, you can think space will be atleast 500GB else host is worst.

    and thats why i always advise people to look for limited webhosting which “guarantees” a specific amount of space on server.
    See this, how to choose web host –

  16. Hey, anyone know about ? They too seems to have amazing offer going on but not sure if they are reliable ?

  17. I am searching for some coupon code for bluelemonhost for buying hosting plan. I got a coupon code for buying .com domain in $1. If anyone want have a look at it

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