26-11 Another Bad Day In Indian History

26th & 27th of November 2008….. Will these days be remembered as just another days in which the terrorists told us that we INDIANS are bloody maggots without any Guts, only ready to buck our heads and cover our faces and carry on with our lives. Will this day be remembered as another day in which we INDIANS meekly allowed those terrorists to proclaim once more to the world that we INDIANS are readymade to be killed like rats. The government cannot save us it has been striving really hard to save itself for the past 4 and half years. if this kind of atrociousness keeps happening sticking to all the rules of consistency then it mean that we INDIANS HAVE NOT BEEN MAKING ENOUGH NOISE. RAISE YOUR VOICE IF YOU WANT TO BE ALIVE


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  1. U can call it as “The black Thursday “

  2. One thing that the government cannot afford to do is not to take any quick and effective action. If LET or JEM which operates from Pakistan is proved to be behind this, the government should not waste any time to finally put a stop to their operation. There are two ways this can be done. I am not advocating for military action as the first course of action. However, the government should use all the diplomatic pressure and even use the US to force Pakistani government to take out the terrorist camps within Pakistani border.


  3. India is fighting against terror with all its power , but the problem is not only the politicians but we are too . If all of us will contribute to this government then only certain changes can be done .And if we select deserving candidates for our future then we can have a good future. This is about our responsibilities but the government should also support us .
    If it is done these like problems can never happen .
    There’s always a exception (9/11 country like US )

    At this time we can hope for the good of the people …
    The news channels are updating the news about this terror attack …
    keep watching ..

  4. Really horrible act of terror! I am surprised that despite those ten or twenty youngers suspciously approaching the coast, nobody could figure out that they could be infiltrators if not terrorist and act accordingly? Where’s our coast guard, BSF etc???

    Most of the time, our way of dealing with such situation is more reactive than proactive. And the stupid politicians now waiting for a chance to pounce on each other – First we should clean up our internal political system and then counter terrorism.

  5. I think the Government should attack Pakistan, there is no need to talk and do other things beneficial to both. Every time we INDIANS try to talk with those and nothing good happens in INDIA. It’s time for the Government or other organizations to ACT.

  6. The main problem is petty politics. they are just fighting for their seats and just want to see how they can get the votes and earn money. thats all they don’t have any other motto

  7. abhijeet singh chauhan Avatar
    abhijeet singh chauhan

    history repeats itself.babar invaded india,british invaded india and now its al-quida. wake up india.
    we need army rule. kill politicians cos they dont deserve to be the citizens.
    its high time,lets perform our fundamental duties and keep aside our rights to enjoy. lets pledge to give pakistan sleepless nights.

  8. i grew up in colaba, on these very streets, it hurts a lot even now, that these bastards, come into our country and plan and decide when and wht time thy can kill us, fear is their strategy, cant lived without fear and expect and hope that they dont kill us, its unreal
    we need to hit them where it hurts the most, hit their leaders, families, they should fear us at the thought of even ever attacking indians
    its sad that our blood has become cheap

  9. Avalon Mendonca Avatar
    Avalon Mendonca

    What is Pakistan or these terrorists? They are actually NOTHING but it is our heads of the country which are shitty. When and how do we wake them up?.
    Is it not common sense to keep our borders tightened to the core so that no terrorist can get a chance. Why are there still bombings taking place in different cities of India? It is because we DO NOT HAVE STRICT RULES, life is taken for granted.

    Why are the police personnel made to live in shabby environments at the gateway of India, and then we say we want more police force, who will join when this is the way they are treated.

    The Indian government has lots of money and they can utilize it, BUT they use it for themselves and if we still don’t have money then we will STOP this BULL SHIT CRICKET GAME and tell the sponsor’s to sponsor the Indian army with new bullet roof jackets and on front and back of the jacket we can display the company’s name for advertisement.
    All companies who sponsor cricket should be forced to sponsor for the Indian army and if still that is not enough then we the people of India will pay directly for bullet proof jacket’s, one house one jacket.

  10. That was the date what we naver ever forgot, not only for the mumbai attack but also for the no of people and most importantly our jawan who died in that ,we are the indian and proud to be an indian .

  11. 1 year has gone by . The memories are extremely disturbing however the Nation salutes & will always remember our Hero’s who have laid their life to save us from this plague . Jai Hind .

  12. this attach happned because lack of intelligence….
    do u think we are safe…if rhere are100 attacks every year then out of 100,40% happen due to lack of intelligence,10%due to lack of bravery ,50%happens because we are not doing anything….when ever this question arrise,we all find ourselves good for nothing….

  13. priyanka bathwal Avatar
    priyanka bathwal

    it is all abt corruption
    if we Indians are not corrupt then they cant dare enter our country n do such attacks
    pleeeeeeeeeease awake
    we pledge all indians are our brother n sisters
    save your family

  14. RAJAT WANKAR Avatar

    if they hit us we should KILL them……..

  15. 2 years on… the same old tradegy entails the attack is forgotten and life goes on.. sorry buddy this was expected until the day we have some1 with balls in the center and until the time we have some1 who feels that we are not rats this will keep happenning again, again and again.. we need a warrior.. today is the 5th of august 2010 and we have another blatant rape of our country the CWG will we move on the uncanny answer to that is YES we shall move on..

    Incredible India/..

  16. Terrorism has curbed whole of the nation.Not only the attack on Taj Mumbai has depicted the cruelty of the terrorism but the attack on the world trade center has also a paradigm of the terror that is increasing day by day.I completely insist Indian government to look into the matter and the whole world should unite and act as one world state to completely raze out the terrorism from the world ……………


    namasaty india..

    indian’s r very brave.26/11 is a slapp on indian gov. &

    i hope our gov learn something …



  19. jak66 Avatar

    pakistanis lost there credibility in the world,its a terror nation,who make and export terrorism .this dirty nation is a threat to the entire Europe.

  20. We Indian’s have all power to overthrow and crush any freaking jerks peeking or sneaking into our territory.

    One thing holds us back, our love for humanity at the cost of innocent Indian life’s. We got the best brains in RAW, insurgent forces like Marcos, counter terrorist groups like NSG. I mean we have everything, just not the will from our government. Its such a sham for us, that we take all the crap coming from our neighbor’s in the north west & north east.

    Its not time to wake up, its time to act, coordinate, penetrate from Islamabad to Beijing and smoke out the rat from their hole’s to death. Trust me we the young Indian’s can make the difference, seriously we cannot rely on these greedy and corrupt politicians who can even bargain for our borders and life’s.

    Join the Indian politics and the Indian Armed forces 🙂

  21. Ravi verma Avatar
    Ravi verma

    i cant understand, why kasab is alive till yet?????????????????????

    it shows our law system……

  22. sumit shelke Avatar
    sumit shelke

    y mumbai police nt kill the kasab yaar the mumbai police hai nt kill the kasab na then pak attackers has hijack sum indian planes,n then they tell government ki giv me kasab then ill live indian peoples plsssssssss kill yaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrr

  23. nabhhkumar Avatar

    Hey friends pls watch my upcoming movie NABBBEYY ( based on Mumbai attack )

  24. sandeep jain Avatar
    sandeep jain

    i am proud to indian why the keep eye on my lovely india

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